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Why Work in Alaska?

Thousands of people each year, from all areas of the world, choose to travel to Alaska to spend a few cherished vacation days. This shows just how exciting this state is. For some of our employees, a summer in Alaska is the first step towards a career working and living in this unique land. For others, it is a step on the road to careers and different places. The actual work you will be doing if hired by Summit Lake Lodge will be similar to that of any summer tourist center; restaurant, bar, gift shop, or ice cream parlor anywhere in the country. The excitement of living in Alaska for a summer, and of meeting the variety of travelers that visit, is something that one cannot match anywhere in the world.

Summit Lake Lodge, located on the Seward highway, is eighty miles south of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula. We are in the heart of the Chugach National Forest on the only highway that accesses the towns on the peninsula. The Kenai Peninsula is world-renowned for its world-class fishing, hunting, easily accessed glaciers, and abundance of hiking trails. We have an ideal location so we are extremely busy during the peak season. Summit Lake Lodge is a log structure constructed in 1950. It consists of a full service restaurant with a capacity of fifty-five, a small bar, a small 6 room motel, 16 individual guest cabins, and a pizza / ice-cream parlor. It is on the north shore of Upper Summit Lake and the nearest communities are 17 miles south.

These communities do not have a mall, not even a stop sign. You might consider them a wide spot in the road. Summit Lake Lodge does have cell phone service. Summit Lake Lodge has no telephone hard lines, only cell phone service, in which only GCI ( an Anchorage company) and service from AT&T will work well at the Summit Lake Lodge. While we are located on the only highway, it is very isolated. You have to be a person that is comfortable with yourself and having down time.

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