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Positions Available and Hours Worked

Each season is different. The busiest time for Summit Lake Lodge is June1 through September 15 and we must have a full staff during this period. We pay overtime in accordance with Alaska state law. Employees may be assigned to work any day of the week. Shifts may vary from day to day and split shifts are possible. Salaried supervisors are expected to work as needed to complete their assigned jobs.

Paychecks are distributed on a bi-monthly basis on the 5th and 20th. Work weeks can change for employees to accommodate influxes in business. Schedules are posted on Friday for the following week. The work week is Monday thru Sunday. Each persons contract is a crucial part of our scheduling. We have each person on a prediction of the seasons tourist influx. We try not to over hire to allow our employees to get the hours they desire, so your commitment to your contract is very important.

Position                       Minimum Age                   Hourly Wage


                         Bartender                                      21*                                         $10.34


                     Parlor Worker                                   18                                           $12.00

                        Line Cook                                        18*                                  Starting at $15

                      Prep Cook                                         18                                           $13.00

                     Dish Washer                                      18                                           $13.00

                    Ice Cream Server                               18                                           $12.00

                     Host/Hostess                                    18                                           $12.00

                      Wait Staff                                          21*                                         $10.34

                    Housekeeping                                    18                                           $13.00

* experience required

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